Gold Thin Strap Havaianas with Crystal Clear - 3 Rows *

Gold Thin Strap Havaianas with Crystal Clear - 3 Rows *

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It's Crystalicious® Genuine Brazillian Havaianas with Thin Straps covered with 3 Rows of any coloured SWAROVSKI® Crystals 

These couture Brazillian Havaianas has had the crystals attached by hand to the Thin straps with over 500 Crystals, by hand over several hours to produce an absolutely perfect, beautiful piece of art that looks spectacular!

All products produced by It's Crystalicious® are truly unique and made with the best crystals avaliable on the market, no other crystal sparkles like SWAROVSKI® Crystals.

(The photo doesn't do this amazingly Sparkly pair of Havaianas any justice.)

Shoe Colour : Gold

Crystal Colours : Crystal Clear. 

Design: Solid Colour


* Brand New.
* Each order is uniquely made for each customer.
* 100% Handmade.
* Covered in Genuine Crystals from SWAROVSKI®.
* We are an Official SWAROVSKI® Branding Partner.
* Quality Products & Service.

For more information or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to Email us.

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