Nike Air Max 90’s - White with Siam*

  • $289.99
- $-289.99

The Nike Air Max 90 LTR returns with a design and look that are still the same, it brings a '90s fave to a new generation, plus custom bling added.

Shoes: Genuine Nike Air Max 90

Shoe Colour: White (Other colours available via Custom Order please Email us)

Sizes: US 5-8.5 - Leather (When available otherwise they will be Leather & Fabric)
Sizes: US 9-12 - Leather & Fabric

Design: 2 Outside Ticks.

Crystal Colour: Siam.

Materials: Authentic Nike Sneakers and Preciosa® crystals.

I have put the women’s sizes to make it easier, however as Nike don’t make the all white Air Max in women’s sizes anymore, women’s size 5- 8.5 will be youth/women’s shoes and women’s size 9-12 will be mens shoes.

They will fit the same even though the sizing will be different on the tag and box, all you need to do is pick your women’s size.