Why should I choose to purchase from It's Crystalicious®?
Nicole has 18 years experience crystal strassing and embellishing items for customers all around the world.

She was the first person to bring this type of product and service to Australia, and is also the only business in Australia with an Ingredient Branding Partnership with Preciosa® crystals, so you know you are purchasing the highest quality products from her.
How do I place an Order?
Orders can be placed via our website, Email, Custom Order, Whatsapp or by phone.
Why don't you use SWAROVSKI® Crystals anymore?
The reason why It's Crystalicious® and nearly every other brand around the world doesn't use SWAROVSKI® Crystals anymore is because SWAROVSKI® closed all it's Branding Partner and Wholesale accounts in Australia at the end of October 2020. Unfortunately we were given no warning of this happening and it was quite a shock, as I'd been an Official Branding Partner for more than 10 years. I had been able to get SWAROVSKI® stock up until the beginning of 2021 from Overseas Wholesalers, as they still have access to limited stock and colours, but it was getting too hard to get the colours I require for your orders. It was time to make the change to a New crystal company so I don't have to disappoint you when I couldn't get the crystal colour from SWAROVSKI®. We are now an Ingredient Branding Partner of Preciosa® crystals and I'm so happy I was able to make the change to this company as they now provide the highest quality crystals on the market.
Why do I only use Preciosa® Crystals instead of cheaper rhinestones?
We have a contract with Preciosa┬« crystals to guarantee the use of only their crystals. Our Preciosa┬« Crystals come from directly from Prague or other partnered wholesalers, and are made from natural bohemian sand uniquely rich in silicon-oxide, making them the finest lead free crystal on the market. They are cut with such precision for maximum sparkle. The sparkle comes from the light bouncing off the internal surfaces of the crystal. Cheaper rhinestones donÔÇÖt sparkle no where as much as Preciosa┬« crystals.
Are your items Authentic?
Yes. All items sold on our website are 100% authentic. All Brand name items and Sneakers are purchase from recommended retailers, such as,, Footlocker, JD Sports, ASOS, etc. In some cases customers send in their own items to be customised.
Can I ship you my item to be embellished?
Yes you sure can, please check out our Strassing Service page for details on custom services for Shoes, Bags, and for Headphones, Microphones, etc please complete our Custom Order Form to send in your item.
Do you have any new client discounts?
The only discounts available are VIP sign up and Repeat customers receive a loyalty discount once they meet the spend threshold.

We do have a rewards program which allows you to cash in points for gift cards to use towards your future purchases.

Occasionally I will have a storewide sale.
What Payment Methods Are Accepted?
We have several methods of payments such as Credit/Debt Card, PayPal, AfterPay, LayBuy, ZipPay, Youpay, EFT (Australia Only) or Payment Plan.
Can I get a Rush Order?
If you need your order quicker than my current turnaround time please leave a note at checkout and I will do my best to speed up your order but if it is needed urgently, within less than a week please Email me as I can complete it quicker for an additional fee.
Do you offer refunds?
No. Due to the custom nature of the product we cannot offer refunds/exchanges and your order is final. Please make sure you order the correct size before finalising your purchase. Time delays in production or shipping do not constitute grounds for refund regardless of your intended event or target date.


Do You Ship Internationally?
Yes. We have several international customers from all around the world.
What Shipping Methods Are Available?
We offer Standard, Express and Courier shipping services. If you would like to use your own shipping company please get in touch when placing your order.
How long will it take to embellish my item?
Each crystal is placed onto the item by hand individually and takes several hours to complete a design, on average an item is completed and shipped within 2-10 Business Days, Havaianas, sneakers and other items are generally completed within 1-3 Business Days if stock is on hand or is locally available, and up to 30 Business Days if additional stock is needed from Preciosa® or overseas wholesalers. Shoes and Custom Items to be discussed.


Do you offer a guarantee on your work?
We offer a 1 year guarantee. If you choose not to repair it yourself, feel free to Email us and we will repair your item for you at no extra cost (excluding shipping costs), provided you send the item back to us with the extra rhinestones provided with your order. Shipping costs both ways must be covered by customer.
My item was strassed by someone else, can you repair their work?
It's Crystalicious® has repaired a lot of work done by other embellishing businesses that can't quite compete with us and the way I embellish or strass an item. Others use cheap materials, larger size crystals or are new to the craft.

Please Email us with a photo of your item and we will get back to you on whether we can repair your item.

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