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Shoe Strassing Service

It's Crystalicious® is Australia's leading SWAROVSKI® shoe strassing (embellishing) business, I have been stressing shoes and other accessories for over 12 years.

I can strass just about any style of shoe, be it a pump, platform, flat, wedge, boot, mens, etc. However I do recommend if you are sending your own shoes to be strassed you do the following:

* Match the shoe colour to the crystal colour you are wanting as there are tiny gaps that the crystals are unable to cover even though I do my best to completely cover the shoe completely. If you can not match the colour I can dye your shoes before I start strassing.

* The best surfaces to strass are silk, satin, (kid) leather, calfskin or suede. Even though it isn't impossible to strass patent leather, it does have a higher risk of the crystals coming off if they are accidently hit against a hard surface if you are keeping the original shoe colour. I do include spare crystals just in case, but I can not be held responsible for your own actions as every item leaves me in perfect condition.

I offer 2 types of strassing services where you can either send your own shoes or you can buy completed shoes direct from my Store and there are 2 kinds of payment methods I offer, either pay full or Layby/Payment Installments. However if you choose the Layby/Payment Installment option work can not commence until half the total cost is paid. For more details please Email me.


Please Email me the following:

1. A photo of your shoes

2. The crystal colour/s you would like (Colour Chart)

3. Shoe material - Silk, Satin, Leather, Patent Leather, Suede, Glitter, etc

4. If you need the shoe colour changed to match the crystals

5. When you need your order completed by.

I will then send you a quote.

Time Frames:

Orders are completed in the order that I receive them and they take 3-6 weeks to complete once the shoes are in my possession - please note this doesn't include shipping or transit time. 

To strass shoes or any other item takes an enormous amount of time to place each individual crystal perfectly in place. if however you do need your order completed in less time I can accomadate you for an extra fee. I will let you know if a extra fee will need to be paid upon giving you your quote as i will have your shoe completed in less than the anticipated time in most cases.

If you have any questions please Email me.






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