Crystalicious® – is an integration of the words “Crystal” and “Delicious”, offering a couture bespoke service for everyday products using the highest quality Preciosa® crystals.

It’s Crystalicious® is Australia's Original high end bespoke designer customisation Brand, the first of it's kind in Australia founded in 2005 and directed by Nicole Deane.



I'm Nicole, owner and head designer of It’s Crystalicious®, founded the brand in 2005 (known as Bling Everything). I am a highly skilled designer in the best crystal application processes available. All of It’s Crystalicious® designs are made with the highest quality Preciosa® crystals to create my own unique designs. The big influences in my work are high fashion, celebrity & pop culture and anything that gives the WOW factor.

I studied Fashion Design at Australia's leading Design Studio and I have extensive knowledge of all types of fabrics and the application process for each type of material.

Each item I create is a ‘Unique piece of art’, as each piece is couture and individually handmade for each customer and their specific needs.

It’s Crystalicious® offers sparkling, beautiful clothing and fashion accessories. The service I offer involves a pattern or design applied onto an item using 1.2mm – 4.8mm highest quality Preciosa® crystals, as they currently the best quality crystal on the market.

Each crystal is individually placed on by hand, directly onto the surface of the item and held in place with an industrial strength glue, suited to the item been embellished.

It’s Crystalicious® was made an official Ingredient Branding Partner with Preciosa® crystals in early 2021, previously my brand was an Offical Branding Partner of SWAROVSKI® from 2010-2020. I had to make a change from SWAROVSKI®, due to them restructuring the business and no longer supplying loose crystals to Branding Partners and Designers.

Preciosa® has carefully inspected my products to determined that my Brand meets the high standards required to become an Ingredient Branding Partner for two years running, after signing a contract to use only Preciosa® crystals on all products I embellish. I will ONLY use the highest quality Preciosa® crystals at all times.

My impeccable designs, have been commissioned by high profile clients such as Australia’s Got Talent, X Factor Australia, Ruby Rose, DJ Kitty Kat, DJ Ray Isaac, Charlotte Dawson, Tina Sugandh, Brandon Liberati and been used by Gerri Halliwell, RedFoo, Julia Morris and Little Mix…..Check out our Celebrity Clients page for details.

Remember: “Every Stylish girl needs a bit of Crystalicious® in her life” and if you have any questions or need help with a design please Email me, I'm always here to help 💖




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